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Details about the 2015 Contest

2015 Teacher Registration Form

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 Dear teachers, students and friends, USEP-OHIO is happy to announce we are celebrating a new year of Discover Parenting!  We are sending you dates and forms to use as you enter the 2013-2014 project!  The following helps you describe the project to others, and includes participation forms and information.
Cindy McKay
Photos will be on display at the Statehouse, may be at the Ohio State Fair, and at several conferences throughout the year.1st
Discover Parenting is an educational program sponsored by United Services for Effective Parenting-Ohio, Inc. (USEP-OHIO) that features classroom study and culminates with a photo project.  The lessons, written by teachers, allow high school and middle school students to explore critical thinking and feeling about the issues of safe and responsible parenting.  Students conclude the project by submitting a photo with a caption related to the contest theme, “How Does It Feel to be a Safe & Responsible Parent?”  In May, Ohio advocate/leaders assist with judging entries displayed at the Riffe Center for Government and the Arts in Columbus.  The goal of the display is to bring Middle and High School students’ work to the Ohio legislators, whose decisions impact their lives on a daily basis, in a place where all Ohioans can view it.  See registration form links on this document.  Click to see 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 winning photos and prize awards in the left column. Winners for each year will be posted for viewing, and all entrants displayed in the PowerPoint files linked on this page.
Discover Parenting Photo Display entries must be received by April 12, 2014, for the 2014 (2013-2014 school year) Exhibit.  The display will be open throughout the month of May and possibly into June.  Please note the winning photos will be identified with colored ribbons denoting each place, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mentions on by June 2014.  Cash awards are given to recognize winners (students and teachers) in this statewide competition, paid out during the weeks following. 
Attention Teachers! An action project category has been added to Discover Parenting with the support of the Agnes Beaton Memorial Fund for safety education from the NAWHSL (National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders).
Using a “students as teachers” model, the action project requires student-led presentations to young children (i.e. preschool, kindergarten, etc.), their teachers and parents that

  • teach safe seating in vehicles
  • enhance school curricula, FCCLA, or other projects on safety, leadership, parenting, and early childhood
  • produce a report portfolio, with photos and tools (documents/videotapes, etc.) to be shared and displayed locally in Ohio and at the national conference
  • develop safety advocates among youngsters, parents and teachers
  • develop local support for student school programs 

The goal: to reach Ohio children, adolescents, parents/grandparents, and professionals with information to save lives and reduce injuries caused by poor occupant protection. 
(Action Projects may include the Financial Responsibility Project, traditional family safety issues, or include both areas. See more about the financial responsibility project below.  They may be submitted for other projects or required activities.)
This project can be done by a class or a small group of students in conjunction with the Discover Parenting photo project.  A group photo and brief summary of the project must be submitted by April 12, 2014, so participation in the action project will be recognized as part of the Discover Parenting Display.  Final materials and a notebook or portfolio need to be submitted by May 10, 2014. As the deadlines approach teachers may wish to verify deadlines.
The Rewards for Discover Parenting photo entrants and the Action Project: 

  • $25.00 mini grants to all teachers whose students enter the final competitions (Action project or Discover Parenting photo exhibit)
  • Discover Parenting Winners:
    ◦ First Place - $125.00 each to student and to school
    ◦ Second Place - $100.00 each to student and to school
    ◦ Third Place - $75.00 each to student and to school
    ◦ Honorable Mentions - $50.00 each to student and to school
  • Action Project Winners
    ◦ First Place - $150.00 for school and $150.00 to split among participating students
    ◦ Second Place - $100.00 for school and $100.00 to split among participating students 

“Keeping your Family Financially Safe”
Your students may wish to explore Financial Responsibility through Discover Parenting.  Look for resources via the OATFACS website.  There are links to help you.  Try and 2nd with excellent resources including Quick Tip sheets like - Teachers, Parents, Espanol, Kids and Teens, and lesson ideas in each topic area.  Paying for childcare, youth identity theft, how to spend on children, setting up a family budget, and many more are available as content to consider with an intersection to safety.  We look forward to teacher suggestions as we develop this area. 
"Discover Parenting Classroom Manual" original is available from the USEP-OHIO office; and is presently being updated with new resources and information.  We hope to add it to the website soon.
Kids in the Car. . .With Grandparents and Others Who Care, a multi-media-kit produced by USEP-OHIO, and sponsored by NAWHSL is available for download
Go to for a list of links to resources/information you may wish to use, like Safe Kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and more.
Go to, our new safety website designed to help supply ideas and projects, data and a wide range of safety information.  You will see links to many organizations and sites that contain materials to support your lessons.
If you need further information or in order for USEP-OHIO to suggest materials or provide support, please contact us at 1-800-262-4KIDs, 614-571-8313, fax 614-868-9755, or email us at as soon as possible.
NAWHSL (National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders), and the Ohio Chapter OAHSL (Ohio Association of Highway Safety Leaders) are our partners.  Some of the Discover Parenting photos and the action projects will be displayed at the NAWHSL national conference and other conferences as requested.  Go to for more information.
Register using the "2014 Teacher Registration Form". Please complete and return this form to our office by March 29, 2014.  This helps us to gauge the number of possible entries that will require mounting.  Teachers, watch for any changes and confirm deadlines.

Details about the 2015 Contest

2015 Teacher Registration Form