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Welcome to the USEP of Ohio

Healthy Start, Grow Smart Page

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This thoroughly researched information has been produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Healthy Start, Grow Smart,babyWashington, D.C. and reproduced for your use by USEP-OHIO, Inc. to use with parents or in the classroom. It is material in the public domain and can be printed or copied for your students or parents as an educational tool, and to enhance your classroom resources. A host of individuals, programs and authors worked to develop this excellent resource.

It is a teaching tool – The first twelve months of an infant’s life are critical. This information will assist you with teaching expectations and developmental milestones and provides critical resource information regarding infants and parents available in both English and Spanish language files.

Content Standards for Child Care/Development, Nurturing Healthy Children, and special information regarding Teen Parents are all addressed in this set of documents. For educators planning curricula for independent study or use with group presentation, this can provide –

  • A quick and easy guide and reinforcement for students to follow in the classroom or at home.
  • Beautiful color pictures to decorate bulletin boards or to create posters
  • A printed booklet to be used to send home for students who don’t have a home computer.

Give us your ideas of how to use this material to best serve students, parents and families in your school and community.

The following Contents Page is an example of the information included in each file newborn through month 12.

You and Your Baby
One-Month Checkup
One-Month Checkup: Where To Go
The Wonders of the Brain
Feeding Your Baby
Spitting Up
Talking to Your Baby
Finding Child Care for Your Baby
What’s It Like To Be One Month Old?
Keeping Your Baby’s Records

Guidelines To Help Your Baby Every Day
Sleeping Patterns
Bowel Habits
Baby Powder
Your Baby Has “People Skills”
Your Baby “Talks” Without Words
Low-Cost Ways To Pamper Yourself
Teenage Parents Are Not Alone
Information Resources for Families

How to use “Healthy Start, Grow Smart”

  • Use as printed parent/student/staff handouts or keep in a file to answer parent/staff questions in the future
  • Use it to create lessons, in your newsletter or place on the bulletin board.
  • GRADS (Graduation Reality and Dual-Role Skills), Parenting and Early Childhood courses content standards will all be taught using this information along with other materials.